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    A few weeks ago, FoxSports.com put up a provocative picture of sports anchor Lisa Guerrero, leading some idiot from Women in SportsMedia to tell SI that "Until there's a level playing field [Guerrero posing] hurts female sports journalists." The alleged reason for the reaction was that Guerrero had on a shirt that was unbuttoned down the middle, and she wasn't wearing a bra. Consequently, everyone could (gasp!) see her bare sternum. Wow ... she's ruined it for every woman who ever wanted to be a broadcaster.

    The backlash is more a matter of female broadcasters with low self esteems jealous at good looking women who have finally gotten with the program and learned about sports. The insecure women say things like "It plays to the oldest stereotype, that women can't be appealing with their brain, only with their body," as USA Today columnist Christine Brennan told SI.

    First off, there are women broadcasters who are smart and good looking. Ms. Brennan is clearly not one of them or she doesn't believe she is. Projecting the image of a confident, good looking woman is not the same thing as posing for Playboy. This is hard to explain to some women who dress like middle aged men and pin their breasts down. Women are not going to get taken as seriously as men just because they look and act like men.  

    At any rate, if you're a woman broadcaster, why would you want to be viewed in the same light as a male?  Fact is that I, and most real male sports fans, hate all male broadcasters. They are all second guessing know it-alls. Consequently, you're not gonna get me to like you by dressing like John Madden. Although, I may give big John an extra point for NOT pinning back his breasts. He's comfortable with who he is.

    In addition, a good looking female broadcaster has as much right to make money off her sex appeal as a good looking athlete. If she doesn't know sports, that's one thing. However, none of these women's groups are saying that the sexy girls don't know their sports.

    Is there a double standard for male and female broadcaster? Just the same one that exists in real life. Guys tend not to care about their appearances as much as women dp. That's how it is in every day life, and there's nothing wrong with it being that way in sports – women will look better than men. And don't blame sex-hungry men for spurring on a movement of good looking female broadcasters. When allowed to publish their own fashion magazines for women, what do female publishers do? They put trim, well dressed and good looking women on the cover. A lot of girls like to look good. If they know their sports, there's nothing wrong with seeing some lipstick and eyeliner on the screen.

     If you're not the best looking broad in the world or don't want to look like her, I have no problem with you being a broadcaster. Just stop acting like your way is the only way. Shut up, do your job, and remember: as competitive as athletes are, you don't see male players-turned-broadcasters knocking each other in the press. Take that one cue from men and put away the claws!

Butch Rogaine says look below for the controversial pic.

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