Winthrop Can't Wait to Get Shit Kicked Out of Them Again by a No. 1 Seed



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Above: Winthrop HC Greg Marshall.
GREENVILLE, SC – Reaching the NCAA Tournament for the third time in four years, the Winthrop Eagles are no strangers to college basketball's biggest stage.

     "All year long, we've worked so hard to get back into the NCAA tournament," said Winthrop head coach Greg Marshall. "And now that we're here, I'm really looking forward to yet another bonecrushing, one-sided, demoralizing defeat at the hands of (South's No. 1 seed) Duke."

     The majority of the players from this small school in Rock Hill, South Carolina feel the same way. "We have built a solid foundation of self-confidence and pride as this season has gone on," said junior guard Pierre Wooten. "Well... that's all about to go right out the fucking window, isn't it?"

     Of course, some of the savviest and most experienced Eagles know exactly what they're in for-- again. "Every year it's the same story...we play these crappy-ass teams for 4 months and kick the hell out of them. Then we go to The Big Dance as a 16 seed or some shit, and get completely raped of our pride," said senior forward Marcus Stewart. "I am truly psyched, yeah, sure."  

     Senior guard Derrick Knox agrees. "It goes from like 'Hey, you guys are pretty good!' to 'DAMN, you guys REALLY SUCK' -- in just one day. In 2000 (Oklahoma forward) Aaron McGhee told us we should've just stayed home. You know what-- for the sake of salvaging a little dignity, it's probably a good idea."

1999: 16th seed in South Region Humiliated by Auburn in first round, 80-41 2000: 14th seed in West Region Demoralized by Oklahoma in first round, 74-50 2001: 'Field of 65' game Humbled oh-so-quietly by Northwestern State, 71-67
Above: The recent forgettable NCAA tourney history of the Winthrop Eagles.

     Senior star forward Greg Lewis has actually opted to take McGhee's advice this year. 

     "I honestly don't want to deal with this 'national' championship shit again," said Lewis, who is hosting an 'NCAA Tourney Jammy-Jam House Party' with a few high school buddies at his grandmother's house. "This year I averaged 28 minutes and 15.4 points per game." Added Lewis with a chuckle: "Umm, yeah...tell that to Jason Williams."

     Facing the impregnable Blue Devils squad in the opening round this year, the Big South Champion Eagles are surely bound for another quick exit.  Even coach Marshall contends that he would rather "be back home beating up on good old (2-12) Liberty again." But don't tell the Winthrop faithful that this year will be the same as all of the others.

     "We're definitely looking to make some noise in the tournament this year, no doubt," said sophomore small forward Tyrone Walker. "Hopefully, it won't be them loud crying noises we made after that (first-round) game last year. But definitely some kind of noise."

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