Unfamiliar with the NFL's Tucking Rule? Here Are 5 Other Sports Rules That May Baffle You!

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Bledsoe shows Brady a proper "tuck."
1) NFL Rule 362.10(a)[b](1)[i] Sponsored Grounding
"A Quarterback who, in an attempt to avoid being sacked, throws the ball out of bounds while maintaining position within the Tight End Box will NOT be charged with intentional grounding IF the ball hits a sponsor's advertisement."

2) MLB Rule 21(a) Pitchers Using Foreign Substances to Alter the Baseball: Legal
"A pitcher who is found to have altered the surface area of a baseball in order to gain competitive advantage, will be ejected from the game UNLESS:
[i] if the substance is a liquid substance such as vaseline, he consumes an entire tube of the substance. If he does not possess an entire tube, the umpire will supply him with one.
[ii] if the substance is a metal corkscrew or other sharp object, he places it in the area between his genitals and his protective cup and pitches with it in that area."

3) NHL Rule 2101 (added in 2001) The 'Anna' Rule
"Any player planning to date a hot Russian tennis player, must notify the League in advance, so that it can prepare for the annoying "did they get married?/did they break up?" debates that take place in the press.

4) NASCAR Rule 1 Save Your Owner's Ass
"If ya crash yer car, an it's on fire, an you git out of the car, an the rescue team is takin' a while to get there, you gotta stand there an blow on that sucker or try to smother the flames with your body until them guys with the extimgushers come."

5) NBA Rule 23 (Maybe You Knew About this One)
"Anyone coming within three feet of Michael Jordan will be charged with a personal foul."

by Luscious Rosenbaum

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