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Early on there was more tension than a tightly strung racquet between these two on court. 
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Not everything about love in the game of tennis turns out to be a zero. This week in Melbourne, love blossomed for the Russian heartthrob Anna Kournikova and Swiss Miss Martina Hingis.

   The announcement came at a press conference shortly after the two won the Women's Doubles Championship.

   So what brought these two together? One is the preeminent woman's tennis player of the last 5 years. The other is the world wide web's most searched athlete, but has never won a tournament and is consistently ranked in the mid 100's.

   What happened is Martina has brought out the competitor in Anna and Anna has brought a smile to Martina's lips.

   "We realize that we compliment each other really well on and off the court. Martina always tells me what a great ass I have and I just love the fire in her eyes." says a visibly elated Anna. 

   "At first there was alot of tension between me and Anna, but that's what really got our blood pumping for each other" says a now noticeably calmer Martina.

    "It wasn't always like this," says a renewed Anna, "all that attention from men all over the world really made me think that what I wanted was a manly man like Sergei (Federov), but what I've always really needed for myself, and to be a champion  is a soft cuddly woman's touch, like Martina offers."

   After the Australian Open the two said they will be visiting  Buenos Aries for a little rest before heading to Europe where they will begin training for the French Kiss Open.

by K-Cebo Satashi

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