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TwistedFans Archive

 Dec. 4, 2001

Nov. 27, 2001 

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 Volume 1, Issue 27  December 11, 2001          


Cattle Rustlers Accost Indians' Roberto Alomar

Giambi nixes deal, says "Shave? Not to play for those Assholes!"

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BCS: Leave the C off for Crap


Here's the lowdown: "Chics dig Eric (Crouch)," BCS chairman John Swofford said. "Good looks are a major component of our formula and Joey just doesn't do it for them, I guess."

Twisted Quotes

"My goal was to beat them without scoring. It's something weird and unheard of, but it was something I wanted to do." ~ Jason Kidd (on playing the Suns)

New NFL Nicknames for 2002

Jeff "Power Puff" Garcia
Jesus "Kurt Warner" Christ
Denny "I Still Work Here" Green
Jim "Compassionate Conservative" Mora
Matt "Redheaded Stepchild" Hasselback
Kyle "Wrestlemania" Turley
Peyton "The Loser" Manning
David "God Damn That Guy's Huge" Boston

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Steven Wright

Jeff Van Gundy

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TF Exclusive: Butch Rogaine Interviews Jeff Van Gundy

Free Agent Bonds Kidnapped by Golden Gate Troll

Mets Name Piazza's "Son" as New Third Base Coach

New UPN Game Show Pits NBA Stars Against Each Other

In the Spotlight: 
How Will the Jets Fail Next?

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