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In the Spotlight: 
How Will the Jets Fail Next? 


Tues, Dec 11, 2001


Issue #27


How will the New York Jets miss their playoff berth THIS year?:

* Week 17, 0:08 left, blocked field goal runback by Oakland's third-string rookie special teams man Herbie Shoelocker.

* Herm Edwards' new "God, if you really don't hate us, please give us a sign" December mantra backfires.

* The ghost of Leon Hess returns with inspirational speech, causes organization-wide nervous breakdowns instead.

* Slowly, sadly, inevitably.

Seeing that Mr. Hess traditionally makes his speech around Thanksgiving time, I'd say that option is out (or his half-time appearance this past Sunday is directly responsible for the Jets second half collapse to the Patriots).

The God option is out, cause even Bill Parcells couln't get through to the almighty, and Herm knows better than to waste cries that will fall on deaf ears.

Dying the inevitable slow death is the logical choice, although I can easily conjure up images of Raider's special teamer Herbie taking one to the house in an 11th hour heartbreak of a game. Either that or deja-raven with Vinny tossing 5 picks to the silver & black after building a 14-0 lead.

Looks like re-signing the Sack Exchange was only a quick fix illusion after all. Bring on the band-aids again, cause odds are us Jets fans are gonna need'em.

Willy P. Ondabich & Mikey Greenballs reporting.

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