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Butch Rogaine Interviews Terry Glenn


Tues, Dec 4, 2001


Issue #26


This week, TF senior staffer Butch Rogaine interviewed Patriots prodigal receiver Terry Glenn in a South Philly park. Here's a transcript from their park bench encounter:

Butch Rogaine: Hello Terry, how are you dealing with this latest distraction in your life?

Terry Glenn: Isall good dog, isall good. Man, look at that dog there dog. Thassa big dog man.

Butch: What are you smoking there Terry?

Terry: Oh, you know, a lil' somethin' somethin'

Butch: It looks like it's wrapped in the skin of a deflated football...

Terry: Gots no paper man, tastes good though man.

Butch: Can you see yourself making some kind of comeback after your suspension is up?

Terry: Yeah dog, yeah, I'm gonna come back. Can't stay in this park all my life dog. There's a lotta dogs in here dog.

Butch: OK ... um, do you blame your coach or owner Robert Kraft for the situation you are in now? I mean, don't you think they should make more of an effort to help you out or something?

Terry: No dog, isall on Terry man. Kraft is good dog. Man I could use me some Kraft macroni and cheese dog. You got any dog?

Butch: No, sorry, I don't.

Terry: Man I hungry dog. I's hungry as a dog, dog. What you think that dog there tastes like dog?

Butch: I don't know Terry, why?

Terry: Cuz one my friends, see him there dog? He got a trash can fire goin over there dog. We can roast us a dog, dog, and we'll be some full-ass dogs.

Butch: I'm gonna have to pass on that Terry. Who is that guy anyway?

Terry: That dog is some dog named Drew, dog. I think I used to work with that dog, dog.

Butch: Uh, I'll catch you later Terry.

Terry: OK dog. [follows a mutt towards park fountain] Here poochie poochie, Terry needs some food. [Bledsoe follows] No Drew, that dog is mine dog!

Butch Rogaine once sparked up with some dog urine-stained newspaper.

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