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Last Week's Headlines!


Tues, Dec 4, 2001


Issue #26


VideoAbove: Nice Hat. Right: Shaq barely  squeezed into a pair of Stockton's size 32 shorts before a recent game.

Shaq in Stockton Shorts

LOS ANGELES, CA O'Neal, who proclaimed he didn't want to wear ``John Stockton shorts,'' was ejected from last friday nights game against  for refusing to remove his Rudy Huxtable hat during the game.


Rick Morrissey in the Chicago Tribune on the baseball-owner meeting and contraction:  "Perhaps you've heard of people who want to solve humanity's problems but aren't especially fond of human beings. It's sort of like that in sports. Owners and athletes like the paying customers. It's the fans they can't stand."

Malone goes Postal 

Will he make the move to a new Zip Code? Even though Utah's owner has said he won't trade Malone to the West. We expect him to request a trade to one of the other white teams, that means he'll go to either the Kings or Mavs.

Yankees Fan Says Giambi Looks Fat In Pinstripes

This week's Readers Rant by Sunny.

I wish Tino Martinez would stay instead.  His pricetag is less, the Yankees already have an excellent farm grown prospect in Nick Johnson, and with the extra dough, they can pick up an almost equally potent outfielder, plus some middle relief.  I know Giambi is a major offensive threat, especially with right field so close in Yankee Stadium.  But I don't think he's worth the money unless he's going to DH.  He can't run for crap and his fielding is average at best.  He'll be like McGwire, I think.

I think it's ridiculous for baseball and this only supports the mercenary theory that Yankees detractors (mostly legitimately) feed on.  He really belongs in Oakland and the only reason he won't stay there is because teams like the A's don't have the payroll.  I rather he go to the Brewers.  I'm a fan of the Yankees, but I like baseball more than I like the Yankees.  For crying out loud, they got Mussina last year.  Now, they're getting Jason Giambi?
Give me a break.  One thing though I have to say, in the Yankees' defense, is that Baltimore, Atlanta, the Mets and Boston are not exactly poor either, but look at the unjustifiably mediocre returns they get with their acquisitions.

Compiled by K-Cebo Satashi

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