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Issue #60
Willy’s Wild 2002 NFL Predictions


Timo Perez Relieves Self on Outfield Wall During Game


2001 NFL Season Article Roundup

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K-Cebo's Fantasy Fix

     Will the MADDEN NFL cover jinx mean the end of Marshall Faulk. K-Cebo's Recommendation: trade Marshall before its too late. Past MADDEN NFL cover boys Duante and George both went down the year's they were on the cover.     

The Far Reaches...

MLB Baseball Players: A Plea For Help!
For just $700 a day you can make a difference to a MLB player...

60 Percent of Man's Workday Spent On Sports Fandom

How to win at fantasy ... and annoy people by Bill Simmons (quite possibly the best Sports Guy article ever)
"Cocaine and marijuana -- we're not testing for that. Just steroids!''
said the Cardinals Steve Kline while scolding the Dodgers Paul Lo Duca for giving the wrong information.
Find out how your salary compares with A-Rod or MJ per second
Maxim's Girl's of Football Pictorial

Message Boards Recap

This week ESPN brought Page 2 to the big time by featuring the Tuesday Morning Quarterback GG Easterbrook on ESPN.com -- here's what some of their regulars had to say:
ESPN is getting soft: WTF, Haikus???? What a bunch of pu$$ies!! And then I saw on TV that they are going ot have some kind of reality show like MTV's road rules. What a joke! get back to sports you pansies!!!! Posted by: DolphinsFan97
re: ESPN is getting soft: ESPN has slowly degenerated into a completely subjective MTV-caliber network ever since Stuart Scott infiltrated verses from hip-hop songs into the highlight reels and they started hiring fruitcakes like Chris Connelly who should stay in the entertainment business and away from sports. That and the Jim Rome talk shows for the ADD-riddled has been the downfall of sports. They're more like pop culture. Ppl don't form their opinions on teams, they're told what to think by these so-called "experts." Posted by: sandwich22222
You said it guys -- sounds almost as if people are reading our articles: TMQ Sucks Posted by: K-Cebo Satashi on April 23, 2002 | And don't forget that they let Freddy Prince Gellar host an episode...seems to me like Disney's taking control... 
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