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Dear K-Cebo:

Why after every play do the refs have to huddle on the field? It puts a total halt to the momentum of the game and rowdiness of the crowd. Minutes go by without a single play. Should the NFL review their standpoint on reviews?

Ryan from Tampa

Dear Ryan,

Refs aren't idiots. They realize that these are big games with a national audience. They also know since a timeout hasn't been called the station can't cut away to a commercial; and since there isn't a play going on everyone's attention is focused solely on them.

What we need to change is when the commercial break occurs. What should happen is that each team should be allotted an equal number of TV time-out flags to be thrown at their discretion. The refs can then review the play while we watch half-naked chics sell cars and beer while they figure out what to do. After all the flags are thrown we can watch the game in peace without further interruption.

K-Cebo Satashi

TwistedFans Staff

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