August 22, 2004

Borat is Archie Bunker's Son

According to thejewishweek, Quentin Schaffer, a spokesperson for HBO, said that those protesting are missing the mark. “Through his alter-egos,” he said of Cohen, “he delivers an obvious satire that exposes people’s ignorance and prejudice in much the way ‘All in the Family’ did years ago.”

brandrepublic asks whether Ali G highlights bigotry or encourages it?: Ali G comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest Channel 4 show, 'Borat's Television Programme', is being investigated by TV watchdogs following complaints about a sketch featuring an anti-Semitic song titled 'Throw the Jew down the well'. A Channel 4 spokesman said: "Sacha Baron Cohen's humour is ironic and actually highlights bigotry and ignorance." The irony being that Baron is himself a Jew. [via Metafilter] [00:38]  [ ]