August 16, 2004

The Nightmare Team

August 19: U.S. vs. Australia

Trailing 28-16 in the second quarter, Jefferson ferociously jams the ball through the rim and lets out a huge yelp.

Brown tells Jefferson to give the ball back to Tim Duncan and let him shoot his free throws.

But why?

David Stern sits in his really big office at NBA headquarters. "Perfect," he says to himself as he looks over the Manhattan skyline. "I stacked the team just how I wanted, with a bunch of young guys who will sell lots of uniforms but can't shoot. The rest of the world now thinks it can compete with us. This will make the NBA more popular than ever. I can't wait to put teams in Europe. Do they play basketball in Norway? I wonder if Beijing can support a franchise? How many billions will our next TV contract be worth?

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