July 29, 2004

what the internet's for

  •  Today the Pew American & Internet Life project has a report showing that millions of Americans are turning to the Internet specifically to find disturbing information and images about the Iraq war that did not appear in mainstream media [via]

  •  How P2P Home Video will Challenge The Network News

  •  Your Personal New Music Radio Station

  •  Finding photos of Natalie Portman posted by Zach Braff

  •  Finding the Death Star

  • Finding and Indexing the 9/11 Report

  •  Discovering the Secrets of the Pyramids

  •  Diversions from Work

  •  Finding pics of Monica Bellucci pregnant and naked

  •  not allowed to say what you can do with this

  •  Learning about upcoming films and new musicians

  •  Discovering Hoaxes
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