July 20, 2004

9/11 Memo Reveals Asbestos Cover-up

Sam Smith-New York Post: Cate Jenkins, an environmental scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency, has provided The Post with an internal memo from the agency indicating that New York City and federal officials told the public that it was safe to return to downtown Manhattan after the September 11 terrorist attacks despite tests conducted by the city's Department of Environmental Protection showing the asbestos level in the air in the area was twice the level considered safe for humans. Jenkins says that the city did not release information about the asbestos results from tests conducted at two sites downtown. The memo says that officials also withheld the results of a September 13 test when the lab was unable to establish precise levels because the air was so overloaded with asbestos. Jenkins says that when the city published tests results in February 2002 for the weeks following the attacks there were 17 examples of data that was understated or undisclosed. [10:25]  [ ]


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