January 8, 2004

The Rolodex Emails

Gawker reports that there "are two fascinating and similar emails going around today. One begins:

"The AP Sports desk accidentally emailed out there sports rolodex today to other newsies. If you've been wanting to raise hell with Peter Ueberroth, talk to Hammering Hank, or see how much Pete Rose was actually wagering - give em a call. Before they change their numbers. Someone at the AP is in deep doo-doo."
The other says:
"Some clown from AP Sports put his entire rolodex in a story and sent it out ... Someone is handing him a brightly colored pink slip as we speak. So many good names... can't wait to drunk dial Steinbrenner & Bush"
The list that follows both emails contains hundreds of names and numbers -- from Hank Aaron to Don Zimmer."

Update: you can find the lists here and here.

The lists also contain some aol email addresses such as for Tim Hudson and Barry Zito. You can also google the phone numbers and find home addresses so you can write a letter to your fav athlete after he changes his number.

Update: Howard Fendrich, AP sportswriter, confesses to being the leaker... [18:39]  [ ]