January 6, 2004

I'll be Dumpster Diving Today

My posts may be a little sparse over the next few days as I plan on spending most of my time searching a Quick Shop Food Mart dumpster in Cleveland. If my quest is successful, I promise to post on a more regular basis as soon as I quit my job.

[Update] What?!? She was lying?!?? Oh... uhhh... yeah, of course I knew that. I wasn't really routing through garbage or anything. I mean, how desperate do you think I am?

As for her and her pathetic lie, it's just another example of how low some people will sink chasing the almighty dollar. It's sad, really. Let's just be greatful we're above that, right?

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know if Continental really refuses to give refunds on their non-refundable tickets? [08:36]  [ ]