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     Last Friday night, staff members of made their monthly pilgrimage to New York City's Chinatown, where they took part in organized hand-to-hand combat. The venue: an  underground karaoke bar converted into a dungeon. Unfortunately, we can't show all the really good pics, because they're just too gruesome for public display -- depictions of staff members pummeling each other into bloody pulps and bystanders' bodies going limp. Most disgusting was the end, when all of the staff writers ganged up on editor K-Cebo Satashi and made him eat a tube of ben-gay as punishment for trying to rule the site with an iron hand. Rest assured, K-Cebo did not have an iron fist in the ring.

     Luckily, we still have some pics that the general public should be able to digest (we hope). Here they are:
Fight Club-ers were treated to a pre-fight performance featuring the musical stylings of Steve and Zonda.
K-Cebo Satashi (left) and Butch Rogaine practice their ‘synchronized Valhalla twin kicks' in an attempt to intimidate ESPN writers Jayson Stark and Peter Gammons (not pictured), who were across the room.

Butch Rogaine smiling stupidly, while K-Cebo Satashi rares back to throw a warm-up punch at him.

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