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The nation's television networks unveiled an assortment of mid-season replacement series, all of which have some sports-related theme. 

Among those shows added to the Spring lineup are:

This Old Stadium (PBS)

     Join home improvement guru Bob Vila, as he works on his latest project: figuring out what the hell to do with Montreal's Olympic Stadium. Preview clips include a scene in which a giant slab of concrete nearly falls on an astonished Vila, before the Expos' suicidal mascot pushes him out of the way and pays the happy price.

Whirlies (NBC)

     Reality show follows the careers of several NFL whirlpool ‘newbies,' who learn the ropes of tending to smelly injured players. "Hey you! Scratch my back," says a naked Warren Sapp while generating his own bubbles in a hot tub. Follow these pathetic attendants as they learn their jobs and try to cope with the arrogant ‘water boy' contingent.

Ulf Samuelsson DDS (UPN)

     Lovable toothless NHL defenseman turned actor Ulf Samuelsson plays a successful widowed dentist. He relies upon his grouchy but well meaning parents, Dick Butkus and Martina Navratilova, to help raise his two kids.  Rumor: Nikki Cox will enter in episode 3 as a potential love interest.

Bibleline With Kurt Warner (ABC)

     Scheduled to replace Ted Koppel and Nightline, this program features Kurt Warner and his wife interviewing various stars and explaining why they are all evil and sinful. Early episodes look entertaining, with a crazed Mrs. Warner throwing blankets around female guests who wear dresses cut above the ankle. The show is expected to shed the timeslot's older audience and gain a Taliban-like following from young zealots. Just what the world needs.

Stadium Rock Karaoke (WB)

     Game show pits aspiring singers against each other to see who can give the best rendition of his or her favorite stadium rock song. During sweeps, the show features a celebrity edition in which athletes sing such stadium staples as "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions."

Luscious Rosenbaum is scheduled to appear on Bibleline in April.

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