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"It's star, a Good Year Eagle Slick Shot Race Tire, is enchanted by the ghost of a dead NASCAR driver."
     This latest film adaptation of a Stephen King work will surely win over fans among the greater part of middle America. It's star, a Good Year Eagle Slick Shot Race Tire, is enchanted by the ghost of a dead NASCAR driver. Flying in mid air, it attacks and murders without prejudice.

     The tire's objective in the movie is of course to be reunited with its love interest, the rubber silicone-bearing bags in Carmen Electra's chest. The tire prowls various make out points throughout the midwest, where it acts on its urge to kill. Each murder, which is keyed by "Just the Good ‘Ol Boys," the theme song to the Dukes of Hazzard, is carefully choreographed. Sometimes the tire is under a car in which two youngsters are necking. Sometimes it just bounces out of nowhere, killing scores of people. In a homage to old slasher flicks, in one scene it sprouts razor claws from it's treads and in another it dons a hockey mask shaped hub cap.
     Otherwise, this is a pretty basic horror movie, which means there's one thing left to discuss: the puny guy waiting to save the damsel in distress. Standing between the tire and Carmen is unlikely hero Ray Romano, who, when he's not cracking wise with sidekick Bernie Mac, wields a deadly whip made out of seatbelts. We won't ruin the end of the movie for you, but it's safe to say that there could be a sequel or two in the works.

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