Knicks Lose by 43;
Spike Crosses Hudson to Watch Nets;
Is the K-Cebo Jinx for Real?

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Spree, Marcus, I feel for you. But your fans must suffer.

It wasn't as bad as the smack that Rudy T. took from Kermit, but close.
BILE It's been awhile since there's been much editorial content on our site. But here it goes. Is this all coincidence?

Jeff Van Gundy Quits!

Knicks are getting crushed every other game!

Spike would rather watch the Nets in the Swamps.

Barely two weeks after black smoke poured across the NYC sky line.... The US had reached some frenzied fanaticism of brotherly love.... I had a job interview just a few blocks from the wreckage after hours.... It was a horrific site.... I had worked across the street.... I had exited the subway, shopped, read, drank, ate, and worked in its shadows for 22 months, years before.... I rooted for the Knicks for the last couple years despite my NJ upbringing.... I took the subway late night back to Brooklyn as I had for the last year.... I exited the station in my usual fashion.... Took the same route to my apartment just blocks away.... About 100 feet too far.... The streets were empty that one night.... So soon after the attack.... A roundhouse out of nowhere from behind.... He wore a NYKnicks cap. So did I. Jaw broke in two places, split right through. Took all that I had. I told him what he had done was wrong. No remorse. I cursed HIS Knicks. I took the hat I wore and threw it to the ground, never to be worn again. Less than two weeks.... Has the old NYC returned....

And with it a NYKnicks team that seems cursed?

K-Cebo Satashi hopes so.

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Inside the Wreckage
A look at some of the lows reached by the Knicks in their loss to Charlotte on Monday.


Biggest margin of defeat at home in franchise history


Consecutive points scored by Charlotte in the first quarter


Fewest points scored by Knicks this season.


Points scored by Latrell Sprewell, only the second time in his career he has been shut out.


Consecutive losses, worst losing streak since the 1986-87 season


Average points allowed during 8-game losing streak


Average points scored during 8-game losing streak


Lead in games Knicks (14-25) have over Chicago (8-32) for the worst record in the N.B.A.
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