10 Things We've Learned from
the 2001 NFL Season

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10) These Quarterbacks Suck:

Peyton Manning: The guy will certainly get better with age, but he's more like Drew Bledsoe than Bret Favre.

Elvis Grbac: He's no Trent Dilfer, which is a sad assessment.

9) Bears Punter Brad Maynard Kicks Ass: As I predicted in August, the Chicago Bears have captured their Division. The reason? Kick- ass punter Brad Maynard, who actually tossed a TD pass this season. Expect defenses and special teams to tremble at the site of this diminutive guy in the playoffs.

Michael may have been the best DE this season, but he's lucky not ever QB in the league is as good as Favre.

8) Giants' Defense Sucks: Outside of Michael Strahan, the best defensive line in football got not pressure on the QB. Rookie cornerbacks will get better, but veteran Sehorn should take his place at the safety position next season.

7) Steelers Offensive Line Kicks Ass: Put any guy behind them and watch him run for a thousand yards. (think Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala)

6) Raiders Run Defense Sucks: Put any guy in front of them and watch him run for a thousand yards. (think Shaun Alexander)

5) Kansas City IS NOT St Louis: Just ask Trent Green and Dick Vermeil

4) Ravens ARE IDIOTS: Do you think they wish that they held onto Priest Holmes?

3) MJ WISHES He Was JR: Thirty nine year-old Jerry Rice is among the game's best receivers. Maybe it's because he didn't start retiring every other year after he hit 30.

2) Bill Bellichick Owns Balls: How else can you keep Drew Bledsoe on the bench for an unknown named Tom Brady?

1) Seventies love ballads DO NOT belong in NFL-related television commercials. We'd send a hitman after the woman who sings "Loving You Is Easy Cuz You're Beautiful," but she's already dead. Oh well, maybe we can send someone after the weathergirl from Fox's pregame show...

Butch Rogaine bested SI and ESPN by picking the under-rated Bears to win the NFC Central, and his articles ain't that shabby either.

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