Shaq Confesses: "Milli Does the Vocals On All My Rap Albums"



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HOLLYWOOD, CA NBA center Shaquille O'Neal today admitted that he does not perform on any of the rap albums bearing his name. The real voice behind what everyone has believed was Shaq? None other than former lip syncher and Milli Vanilli member Fabrice ‘Fab' Morvan.

     "I had been an admirer of Fab since ‘Blame It On the Rain,'" explained O'Neal. "When I found out that he didn't sing any of his own songs, I thought ‘Hey, I can do this.'"

Fab and 'the voice behind the voice' cheer on Shaq at his latest press conference.

     Years later, O'Neal found Morvan singing in a drag bar in Munich, Germany, and immediately rediscovered his childhood. "His voice didn't sound as good as what he used to lip sync, but it was better than mine," noted Shaq. " I sound like a muppet when I rap, so Fab was still a real upgrade."

     When asked to comment, Fab began singing "Girl You Know It's True," while members of the press fell into fetal positions and covered their ears with their hands. "He's gotta beautiful voice," observed O'Neal. "Maybe now that Fab is out of the shadows he can find fame and fortune again."

Luscious Rosenbaum claims to have written both music and lyrics for the soundtrack to Shaq's Kazaam!

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