As Jets Enter Playoffs, Testaverde Says NY Press Misunderstood His Claim That They Misconstrued His Words

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ "I didn't mean what you think I didn't say," said Jets quarterback Vinnie Testaverde, at a press conference held after the team's thrilling 24-22 victory over the Oakland Raiders. With the post season imminent, he voiced a desire to come clean and set things straight with offensive coordinator Paul Hackett, who took all the blame after last week's loss to the Bills.

"You guys think that I blame Paul for the play call that lost us the game against Buffalo. I love Paul. Paul is a great coordinator. It wasn't his fault. He called the play that caused us to lose. It wasn't my fault that I threw 7 yards over the middle, that's for sure. But hey ... I don't blame Paul."

Vinny throws one over the middle to Buffalo Bills end Phil Hanson, a pass intended for Curtis Martin. Vinny would get it right with time running out.

However, while Testaverde professed his loyalty to the coach, he continued to shrug off all blame for an over the middle pass to Curtis Martin at the 7 yard line with time running out in the game. It is the third such conference Testaverde has held regarding the subject.

"I didn't mean what I said about not meaning what I said. Everything you heard first was true and what you thought you heard in my second conference isn't the case. However, what I did really say but what you didn't understand is still in fact true and what I meant to say in the first conference is literally what I said in the second conference. It's also what I'm saying in this conference."

On a separate note, several Jets players held press conferences to announce that, up to date, all of their quotes had been, to their knowledge, properly attributed and understood by the press.

Butch Rogaine blames Vinny's tight knit cap for cutting off circulation to his tiny pea brain.

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