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Jeremy Giambi Arrested Again -- 
This Time In NYC


Tues, Dec 18, 2001


Issue #28


NEW YORK, NY Jeremy Giambi, brother of AL MVP and new Yankee Jason Giambi, was arrested last night and charged with attempting to break into Macy's NYC flagship store -- with an oversized brass key. "My brother is a naive kid, he didn't know what he was doing," brother Jason explained to the gaggle of newspaper men lined outside a Midtown police precinct. "I lent him my key to the city and, well, he thought it meant he could enter any place he wanted to."

Above: MayGi presents JaGi a Key to the City.

     According to NYPD detectives, Jeremy Giambi, who was recently arrested and let out on bail for marijuana possession, took a flock of women he met at a local dive bar to Macy's at 2AM. 

     A tape from one of the many security cameras posted at each of the department store's entrances shows the baseball player repeatedly attempting to plunge the giant key into the lock of a door on the Seventh Avenue entrance. 

     Several women, appearing inebriated, were also captured on tape attempting to get the key in. Finally, a frustrated Giambi is seen slamming the key against the door, alerting security guards who in turn notified the police.

    New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, an avid Yankees fan, immediately accompanied Jason Giambi to his brother's holding cell and arranged for his release. Giuliani then presented the younger Giambi with the key that had been confiscated from him and supplied him with the phone number of a Washington Square Park inhabitant who could "hook you up." The moment was captured on film for an "I Love NY" commercial that will air nationally during NBC's Must See TV lineup and the Super Bowl.

Butch Rogaine will be appearing in WSP every day from 4 to 7.

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