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Open (& Insane) Letter to Jelena Dokic


Tues, Dec 18, 2001


Issue #28


 Dearest Jelena,

     You beautiful woman, I watch you at U.S. Open doubles match and I know you love me. Beautiful bitch, I love you in my mind with my eyes close, you sexy bitch you. That was me who stare you down, and you stare at me, at mixed doubles match last Wednesday. You love me, I love you. We look at each other 7 times.

     Perhaps I remind you of crazy father. This good for me, you have Electra Complex. You stare at me 7 times. I left 14 messages for you at official Jelena Dokic web site, two for every stare. Yes...I know you want to make babies with me, Jelena.

     I've been indicted on numerous crimes by International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. This make me good man for you. I swear I will kill that doubles partner of yours. He no good for you. I kill him with my bare hands.

     I will swear I make love to you, seventeen times in row. Please e-mail me, I take you out to dinner. We make little Yugoslav babies for the future of worldkind, Yugoslavia and world. Don't let me down, I kill you. Let your sexy body wrap around me.


Mr. Stonislav Bukvic

Translated from the French by Willy P. Ondabich.

See also: U.S. Open Diary: 8/30/01 -- Jen Cap, Jelena, Barbara Schett & Martina Navratilova by Willy P. Ondabich.

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