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The Far Reaches...     

Beg, Borrow & Deal

     Has anyone seen this show on ESPN2? I just watched my first episode last night while waiting for sportscenter to end and PRIMETIME to start at 1:15 am or so. 

     It may be one of the better reality shows on TV (it still sucks) or just a better version of MTV Road Rules.  Either way it seems clear to me that when you put two hot girls (Juliet [right] and Kelli) on one team, who are willing to bare their breasts to a bus full of hockey players, that they may just have an easier time of completing their tasks than the other team.

     It's not so much that the other girls (Katie and Aubrey [right]) are ugly (well in my opinion Katie is) it's just that ESPN has dropped them off without any money, credit cards, RV or any other resources for their daily upkeep and this team is so unkempt that they can't even sweet talk their way past security guards in Richmond at a NASCAR event!       

     RealityTVWorld.com hosts a Beg, Borrow & Deal website with an Episode Summary.

Quote of the Week

Shaq discussing his Northern Californian Rivals:  

     "I'm not going to worry about the Sacramento Queens. Write it down. Take a picture. Send it to them."

Heard on the Message Boards

Starstruck at Starbucks writes:

Back Page

     "I just met Derek Jeter!!!!!! I went into Starbucks for a late day chai and there he was!!!! I was right behind him on line. He turned and looked at me right in the eyes! I said "Great season Derek" He said "Thank you."  He is better looking in real life!  I am rarely starstruck but  - OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Derek Jeter!!!!!!"

K-Cebo's Fantasy Fix

     Never assume that a third string QB making his first start on an 0-5 team will play to his team's previous level.

A Public Service Announcement     

Selling Out the Fans and Taxpayers: A Summary
of Current Stadium and Arena Naming Rights Deals

NEWS RELEASE: Thursday, October 10, 2002

"Wealthy team owners and corporations want the public and media to say their name every time they talk sports," said Shawn McCarthy, director of League of Fans. "Over the last decade, they have increasingly entered into naming rights deals for stadiums, selling out the interests of fans and taxpayers.  The naming rights trend has become all the more embarrassing," said Ralph Nader, "as corporate names like Enron, TWA, CMGi, Adelphia and PSINet have fallen off of stadiums over the past two years due to
bankruptcies and misdeeds.

"Selling Out the Fans and Taxpayers", a new report released today by Ralph Nader and League of Fans, details all current major professional stadium and arena naming rights agreements.  The report lists the length of term for each deal, monetary sum and sponsor, along with a short profile of each sponsor.  It is designed as a resource for reporters, sports fans, activists and taxpayers and as such, will be regularly updated.  It can be viewed at the League of Fans website: http://www.leagueoffans.org.

We shouldn't be forced to watch sports against a backdrop of unavoidable ads from the global corporate thugs, many of whom are polluters, tax cheats, tortfeasors and corporate welfare recipients, listed in this report," said Nader. 

Though these sports venues may be owned by the public, the naming rights fees almost always go straight into the team owners' overstuffed wallets - further reducing sports to the constant pursuit of commercialized profit," said McCarthy.  "These corporate names grate on the taxpayers who are forced to pay for the stadiums and arenas, and the fans who want sports that are untainted by the money, ads and hype that are squeezing the fun out of the games they love.

Like so much of our corporate-run society, the sports industry seems determined to drain the civic spirit of our cities," said Nader.  "The public has never supported the practice of selling stadium and arena naming rights anywhere."


The mission of League of Fans is to improve sports by working as a sports industry watchdog to increase awareness of the industry's relationship to society, expose irresponsible business practices, ensure fan accountability, and encourage the sports industry to contribute to societal well-being.  League of Fans' website is at: http://www.leagueoffans.org.


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