Knicks' Sprewell Admits Breaking Hand in Fight With Dog

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     New York Knicks guard/forward Latrell Sprewell admitted to reporters today that the broken pinkie finger in his shooting hand was injured during a scuffle that took place between him and his dog, Bozow, on the player’s 80 foot boat.

     Sprewell was entertaining friends on his yacht 2 weeks ago, when he claims that Bozow began the altercation. “He was looking all lustful at my bitch, even barking at my bitch at one point,” explains the Alabama product. “I had friends all over the boat who saw it and were waiting for me to react. So you see, I really had no choice but to belt him one. My hand is broke and I apologize, but any man would do the same if his bitch was being stared at and there was people around.”

     Still unresolved is the issue of who exactly Sprewell was referring to as his ‘bitch.’ While some speculate that it was his girlfriend Shaniqua, others note that the object of affection could have very well been his female pit bull Destiny, or even Coach Don Chaney – both of whom he has presented in social circles as being his bitch.

     In any event, Sprewell’s bitch is lucky. “After that, I apologized to my bitch for overreacting, grabbed my bitch by the ass, and we went home. Issall good with my bitch now.”

     Neither the New York Knicks nor the ASPCA could be reached for comment on this story, although dog food manufacturer Alpo is rumored to be close to signing a deal with Bozow for a renegade brand of high energy dog beverage still in development and currently being tested on his master.

Butch Rogaine is a senior writer to TwistedFans.com.
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