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Fantasy Owners Outraged by Moss' Actions

Surname-Only Fantasy Drafter Gets Screwed


The Far Reaches...     

     It's happened again. Meaning no, this is not the first time it has happened.  On August 20th in Issue 58, TwistedFans.com ran Scott Shields article Worker Adapts Tiger Woods' Winning Style to the Office, which parodied an office workers' adoption of the Tiger Wood's fist pump whenever he successfully completed a task.

     Thereafter on September 30, in ESPN The Magazine's Issue 5.20 on page 42, ESPN ran a short article highlighting the ways office workers have come to celebrate their work accomplishments with such gestures as hand pistols, chest thumps, and raising the roof, while the guy in their photo is doing the fist-pump.

     And we're not the only site aware that the interns at ESPN are surfing for inspiration without giving creditation.  Travis Nelson, who operates the Boys of Summer baseball blog, has called out Jim Caple in his Caple-ble of Original Thought post. 

     It seems that in Nelson's 9/13/02 post re: Barry Bonds he said "if you took away all of [Barry's] hits, he still walks at a .316(!) clip... mean[ing] that there are only five guys in the NL who get a hit more often than Bonds gets a walk." 

     Nelson then points to Caple's 9/23/02 article where he wrote: "If you don't think Barry Bonds should be the National League MVP, consider this stat: If you took away all of Barry's hits, he still would have a higher on-base percentage (.337) than American League MVP-candidate Alfonso Soriano (.335)."

K-Cebo's Fantasy Fix

     Never listen to prognosticators who predict that a backup, i.e. Rondell Mealey, will DEFINITELY have a huge day.

Quote of the Week

Rey Ordonez on playing in New York in front of Mets fans: "The fans here are too stupid," Ordonez told The Post. "You have to play perfect every game. You can't make an error. You can't go 0-for-4. Are we like (expletive) machines?"
  • Hey Rey, what are you talking about? You've guys haven't put forth an effort in two months.
  • Mets fans retaliate to Ordonez remarks: "If we're stupid than you're fucken high!"

Heard on the Message Boards

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda...... I woulda been 4-0 had the Viking D not turned Shaun Alexander into OJ Simpson.  Alexander ran through the Vikings D like OJ's knife through his ex wife.

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