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July 17, 2001


A Tangled Web of Intrigue


In response to a TwistedFans article titled, "Phil Jackson Prepares Reading List for 76ers"

    Bubba3Chuck wrote:

    Although it's hard to believe, Phil Jackson didn't write or say any of this stuff, or it would have been on ESPN or in newspapers around America...Want proof??
    "Coach Brown's post season press comments are absolutely pathetic. He is always complaining about
how his players don't get calls. The truth is that his players lack skill."
    I see ALL of Brown's interviews and he NEVER talks about the officiating...He always talks about what his
team did or did not do.
    "Secondly, Look at these ugly guys!! Need I say more?" --- Phil Jackson would never say something like that about a player. This is just the feelings and thoughts of the MORON who created the site!

In response to "A.L. All Star Manager Torre Makes More Changes,"

    toasted123 wrote:

    Yeah, that guy is REAL funny talking about digging up Dimaggio's corpse ....... is he such an unimaginative writer that that's how he gets a laugh? He should look more to the Redsox organization....who ACTUALLY IN REALITY try to parade around poor Ted Williams who should be left alone with his disease instead of trotting him out as the last great Redsox player ....guy didn't even know where he was at '99 allstar game. Poor guy. leave him alone

In response to "Shawn Kemp Caught Impersonating Houston Comets’ Team Doctor,"

    DrexlersRevenge wrote:

    Oh come on, man! Don't you realize that Kemp is like a god to us Blazer fans?!? Please, please please,
PLEASE.... Only give us real Kemp news, not fake stuff.
    Long live Kemp, the mighty God of basketball!

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