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Sunday, August 17, 2003

The Madden Curse Strikes Again
coverThe MADDEN NFL cover jinx has sidelined Michael Vick, who fractured his right fibula against Baltimore on Saturday and was carted off the field after he was tackled from behind and his leg was caught in the turf.

Last year we told you to trade Marshall Faulk before it was too late because past MADDEN NFL cover boys Daunte Culpepper and Eddie George both went down the year's they were on the cover.

Monday, August 11, 2003

NJ Fans to Renegotiate Ticket Prices
Previously unaware that a signed agreement means absolutely nothing, the New Jersey Nets' fans have decided to follow in Kenyon Martin's footsteps and renegotiate their seasonal contract. Although below the numbers generated by certain other teams' fans, the NJ fans have increased their average attendance by roughly 10% over last years attendance and feel entitled to a new deal before the season begins. Currently, management is offering the NJ fans single season tickets for $3300/seat, while the fans are seeking a two year deal in the ballpark of $4000/seat.

Reachable only through their agent, the NJ Fans have stated that negotiations have broken off and they are now demanding a trade for Blazer Tickets.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Jim Caple's All-underrated list
Here are some excerpts:

Underrated Hall of Famer: Stan Musial

His career average was .331. He hit 475 home runs. He drove in 1,951 runs and scored 1,949. And because he played his entire career in St. Louis instead of New York or Boston, it's as if he never played at all.

Underrated sports wife: Mrs. Kobe Bryant

What was Kobe thinking, anyway?

Friday, August 01, 2003

Sometimes I get annoyed with the Yankees
Trading Brandon Claussen for Aaron Boone is a move they did not need to make. I could understand somewhat if they unloaded Claussen in a move that strengthened their increasingly shaky bullpen. Its not like the Yanks are having offensive woes right now. The future strength of their rotation is uncertain with Roger retiring and Wells getting old. I really don't like the fact they traded away one of their top ptiching prospects. Especially a lefty. I guess they figure they can get whatever pitchers they want through free agency which is basically true. If not it's like the 80's all over again. [NY Post]

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