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Sports Parody
November 2, 2002

Dam Hor's NBA Prediicitons
Here are my conference rankings for b-ball. Funny, typing this out I realized that, contrary to popular opinion, the Eastern Conference is becoming the better conference. The top teams in the West are clearly better but in the West there is more of a hierarchy. There are great teams and very bad teams in the West. The East is insanely competitive and many teams look improved this year.

My eastern conference rankings could be radically different next time I do them. Who knows what the hell is going to happen there. What I do see in the East is New Jersey and Indiana definitely staying at the top of the pile. I also see a much improved Washington team and Jordan's return to the playoffs. David Stern wacks-off on a daily basis fantasizing about a Wizards/Lakers Final. Chicago should be making a move upward too this year. The Baby Bulls could surprise some people. The Knicks will completely and totally suck. Spree is as good as gone.

In the West I think you have the top four teams and then there is everyone else. As much as I want to stay away from the Kings bandwagon they are definitely the best team in basketball until proven otherwise. Their lack of heart kept them from beating the Lakers last year. I don't expect that to happen again. Webber is their big gun but this team belongs to Bibby and Divac. Clippers aren't over the hump yet. Grizzles will be the surprise team of the year. The Grizz are developing into a nice team in the kings/mavs mold. The Jazz should be suck-o-rific. Payton will go completely insane if he's not traded (he will be). Everyone will rightly learn to love Stevie Franchise more this year. The Lakers will have it together at playoff time again but the Kings will win it all.

15. New York 14. Atlanta 13. Miami 12. Chicago 11. Cleveland 10. Milwaukee 9. Detroit 8. Orlando 7. Boston 6. Washington 5. New Orleans 4. Toronto 3. Philadelphia 2. Indiana 1. New Jersey

14. Denver 13. Golden State 12. Utah 11. Phoenix 10. Clippers 9. Seattle 8. Houston 7. Memphis 6. Portland 5. Minnesota 4. San Antonio 3. Lakers 2. Dallas 1. Sacramento

October 30, 2002

The Knicks have signed free-agent small forward Lee Nailon, who left New Orleans because he felt, in part, that there wouldn't be enough minutes behind Jamal Mashburn, George Lynch and Stacey Augmon. There's also a logjam in New York, but one league source has told Insider that the Knicks told Nailon they are "confident" they're making progress on trading Spree.

October 28, 2002

D-Rays Go All Out To Woo Sweet Lou
TwistedFans Butch Rogaine has reported, that among one of the concessions being made is that the Devil Rays uniforms will include pinstripes with an interlocking N' and Y'. While the AP, via ESPN, has reported that the Rays have given the M's their best player in return. Maybe I'm wrong, but didnt Winn hit around .150 in the second half. Good job D-Rays.

Another championship, another correct prediction.
Asked by friends and foes alike before each year's playoffs start, myself and fellow prognosticators seem to always fail to correctly predict the eventual champion. Yankees and Lakers runs excluded. I am now on a roll having picked seemingly improbable eventual winners to take the banners in the 2002 Super Bowl and World Series, thanks to Adam Vinatieri's miraculous field goal kicking and the Angels rally monkey. Also, for any skeptics out there I'd be happy to provide a copy of my winning stub from the Bellagio casino in Vegas or emails confirming my picks in advance of the playoffs.

October 27, 2002

J.T. Snow Apologizes After Incident With Presumedly Crazed Fan
Snow apologized to manager Dusty Baker and fellow team-mates after he intercepted and subdued, who he believed to be, a crazed Giants fan about to attack the Anaheim Angels catcher. The fan turned out to be none other than team batboy and son of manager Dusty Baker. "I didn't realize who it was, all I saw was a maniac wielding a bat standing in front of Molina and all I could think about was I couldn't let what happened in Kansas City (to Tom Gamboa) by those shirtles fans happen here." Snow said in a prepared statement. Snow had no comment when later asked whether he noticed that the attacker was a 3 foot 3 years old in a Giants uniform and warmup jacket.

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