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Sports Parody
October 25, 2002

Reel Life: 'Fight Club'
I've never read one of Jeff Merron's Reel Life before, but I was suckered in because it was about one of my favorite films. Anyway he basically does a comparison of events, dialogues or allusions in the film ("Reel Life") vs. their reference point ("Real Life"). Despite the fact that I already knew much of what he offered because it was on the DVD commentary, I nevertheless enjoyed those fresh morsels he did have to offer and liked the concept on the whole. Now as to what this is doing on a sports site, is another question.

October 24, 2002

Sports Blog Logs
Apparently, everyone used to come to via Google for the nude athletes (#9), but now everyone is looking for the video of Tom Gamboa getting his ass beat by a shirtless father and son (#1) (see left nav bar). Also, despite originally being titled TwistedFans II: Sports Blahger (who the hell is gonna type that), this site is now ranked #5 for Sport Blog.

OK, this has nothing to do with Sports but I was on the train today and the guy across from me started talking out loud to noone in particular, as is common on the subways of NYC, but what was interesting was how his train of thought was very organized and it made me think that this crazy person, opening and closing his knife while spewing death threats, was not that different than a blog, except he doesn't get to sit in front of his computer in his underwear at 3 a.m. and I couldn't just click-thru.

Baseball's Most Memorable Moments
I like the Donk's baseball posts. Anyway, he may have the best non-sports sports blog that I've read. What I don't understand though is how he got so upset with Rose 4,192 being voted ahead of so many other more memorable moments. It's true that this moment amounts to as little as Emmitt breaking Payton's rushing record, but what incites me even more is that Cal Ripken's bullshit games played mark (don't call it ironman, there's only one ironman - Lou Gehrig) is the MOST MEMORABLE???? For me, in my lifetime, it's Big Mac breaking 61. Ripken is a subpar player who limped in and out of the lineup for a decade. He should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Gehrig. Another memorable moment for me is when I attended a Yankees game in the brand new Camden Yards and screamed for the Yankees pitchers to bean that piece of shit Oriole in the head for 9 innings so he'd never make it to Gehrig's ironman mark.

October 22, 2002

They Will Make You Famous
From SFM: "A little over a month after two fans beat up a coach on the field, the media laughs off two more incidents involving fans on the wrong side of the stands. SFM columnist Greg Wyshynski gives his take on how the sports media is creating a monster."

Are the World Series Baseballs Juiced?
Is there a conspiracy to make the baseballs used in the World Series harder, to produce more offense. Al Levine, left off the Angels World Series roster, was looking for ways to fill his time during game 2, incidentally he stumbled upon two baseballs, one with the gold World Series logo stamped on it and one with blue lettering from the regular season and playoffs. Mr Levine then proceeded, with a Ginsu knife, to chop them both down the middle. "When I cut them open, one was easier, definitely," Levine said. "The World Series ball was a lot tougher to get through." Click here if you're not registered with NYT and want to read more about this subject.

Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss applauded his ex-teammate's return to the league: "I love it!" Moss said. "And I think a lot of football teams he's been making comments about will love it, too."

--what the f**? that sounds like a double entendre, a little subconscious jab at carter?

October 21, 2002

Sprewell sues Post for $40 million
Isn't it weird that Spree, Kent and Griese all used the same story? It seems that Sprewell did not injure his hand by hitting a wall after throwing a punch at a man whose girlfriend vomited on his yacht, but rather after Sprewell fell on the yacht.

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