August 6, 2003

NY Daily News Stories

Here's a few amusing stories I came across while riding a NY Waterway Ferry:

Yo Quiero Ayuda
A Central Park Hawk (trained to scare off pigeons and rodents) has attacked a Chihuahua. While the Taco Bell star look-alike was scratching around some bushes, the Harris Hawk swooped down and attacked him until it was pulled off by bystanders. The dog, left with scratches and a puncture wound, is being treated with antibiotics.

"I'm absolutley certain my bird mistook it for a rat"
-falconer Thomas Cullen
It's an easy mistake, Thomas.

You can take a man out of his trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the man
After winning over $300 Million in the powerball, Jack Whittaker had $545,000 stolen from him while he "sobered up" at a strip club.

Reason To Worry
Finding the worrywart annoying, 36-year-old Hiram Cruz of the Bronx assualted the lovable Telly Monster with his umbrella.
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