June 11, 2003

Counterfeit Jerseys

ESPN.com has an article on NBA Finals apparel counterfeiting. Darren Rovel who writes about the "sports business" for ESPN tells us that this year counterfeiters are choosing quality over quantity. I have a picture of me and my son in our Jason Kidd (wife-beater) jerseys, but I won't post it because he's breaking my heart with his selfish play -- every game it seems like he wants to take over instead of play his game. Jason - settle down and lets win this one for Jersey (and stop worrying about where you're playing next year). K-Mart is one bad mofo though ain't he? Disclaimer: I am from Jersey and once could afford Nets season tickets.

Gangs' new gear: As members adopt team uniforms as their own, authorities wonder if makers exploit the trend. The Star Ledger [18:41]  [ ]