May 29, 2003

Idiot Sports Writers

Why Jason Kidd Should be the MVP

twistedfans lashes out at those that would select Tim Duncan over Jason Kidd for league MVP and explains why Kidd is more deserving.†

Itís called MVP Voting. Donít give me that bullshit about statistics. MVP is not a mathematical computation or a computer generated formula. Once again, that's M-V-P. The M is for Most; V is for Valuable; and P is for Player.

If we break it down grammatically we have most and valuable modifying player. Who is the Most Valuable Player? Not to the NBA because that would be MJ or VC. Itís who is Most Valuable to his team. Clearly then, it must be Jason Kidd.

Nevertheless, the Idiot Sports Writers of America have voted for Tim Duncan. Whereas Tim's peers (the NBA's players, coaches and trainers) overwhelmingly selected Kidd with 60% of the vote last month, while Shaq got 18% and Duncan only 10%.

Why did they pick Duncan over Kidd. Hereís one columnist's†reasons why Duncan†received the award and we'll just assume that's why the rest of the media†voted for him as well:Five reasons Duncan won

What they say: Fifth in scoring (25.5), second in rebounding (12.7), third in blocked shots (2.48), first in double-doubles (67).

The Truth: This only proves that heís tall and the rest of his team sucks. If this is the criteria then Ben Wallace should be the MVP after becoming only the 4th player in NBA history to lead the league in blocks and rebounds (the other three: Bill Walton, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). Or at least Shaq who puts up huge numbers despite that his teammate may just be the best player in the league.†

What about the stats you ask? Kidd was first in Triple Doubles (8), second in assists (9.9) and third in steals (2.13) while grabbing 7 rebounds per game. So really what do these stats prove.

J Kidd may not be squeaky clean, but at least he ain't soft like TD.

Advantage: Ben Wallace

What they say: Squeaky-clean image.

The Truth: Why? Because he was a swimmer and went to college for 4 years? Is this what makes an MVP?

Plus, albeit a long shot, whoís to say that Kiddís move wasnít just a strategy to get his ass out of Phoenix and his wife was a willing participant.
Advantage: Duncan in a speedo.

What they say: Played in stronger Western Conference on team that tied for league's second-best record.

The Truth: Is it really that strong when the Nets dominated their Western Opponents (17-11 against the west and 2-0 vs. the Spurs).

Plus, the Nets were the #1 team in the East.

Advantage: Kidd

What they say: Most fundamentally sound post player in league.

The Truth: Why, because he kisses it off the glass? Kidd donít got fundamentals at point? Heís only the best passer in the NBA. Whatís more fundamental point or post?
Advantage: Kidd leading the fast break.

What they say: Has cool, calm on-court demeanor.†

The Truth: Because heís SOFT. And youíre wrong Ė Tim Dunk blows up Ė Iíve seen it.†Did you miss him and KG going at it??? Did we see†Kidd blow up all season? No. And Joumana didn't have any fries flung at her off-court either.
Advantage: KiddFive reasons Kidd lost

What they say: Poor shooting (39.1%); last MVP under 40% was Bob Cousy in 1957.

The Truth: Yeah, and Bob Cousy was his team's leader too.

What they say: Scoring avg: 14.1; last MVP to score less was Wes Unseld in 1969.

The Truth: Wait, did Kidd not average 9.9 assists per game? Did Duncan? This season Kidd was responsible for at least 35 points a night (scoring plus assists) whereas Duncan averaged less than 32.

What they say: Last PG to win MVP was Magic Johnson in 1990, and he was 6-9.

The Truth: Oh, discriminating against shorties. Is height now a statistical category or are PGís not allowed to be MVPís? Iím confused ... didn't AI just win this award last year?†

What they say: Nets won only 52 games; last MVP with that few wins was Michael Jordan in 1988 with Chicago (50-32).

The Truth: Yeah, but thatís 26 more than last season, you think they win 52 without him?MVP: Jason Kidd

Of course, here I am clamoring for Jason while heís nothing but class, sitting back and simply asserting that: ďThe individual awards have never been one of my big suits. If it were a team award and we got shortchanged, maybe we would be upset. I'm not upset."

Kidd donít let me down now, the Big Team Award comes when you beat the Spurs in 6 for the Championship. [18:43]† [ ]