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     Croatian stalker/film maker Miroslav Ninoslav's documentary "A Beautiful Behind," chronicles the difficult life of often misunderstood tennis star and marketing dynamo Anna Kournikova. Ninoslav granted himself exclusive access to Kournikova for the film. Armed with little more than a digital camera and an ice pick with which to make peepholes, he followed the star to her locker room after every match and the dressing room before each Lycos commercial shoot.

     The result is an intensely graphic drama narrated in Croatian whispers and grunts, and sporting a very obvious preoccupation -- Kournikova's derriere and its role in popular culture. "Look at that ass!" the director is heard whispering during a blurry and faint shot taken by a small camera affixed onto Ms. Kournikova's shower head.

     While such explicit scenes seem like a blatant attempt at exploitation, Mr. Ninoslav shows that he is no ordinary perv. The film's soundtrack consists of old sitcom theme songs sung by Kournikova and captured by Ninoslav while the starlet was in the shower. In one interesting and ironic scene, shot on the fourth day of filming,  Kournikova's feet can be seen scratching each other. The musical accompaniment? Her off-key voice singing "Welcome Back Kotter."

     However, amongst the tumult of ass cheeks, there is a tragic story -- the misunderstood, zero-time Grand Slam winner. "Ah, I can't match my shoes with my purse today! I'm not leaving the house." laments Kournikova, while director Ninoslav can be heard sniffing the 'missing' stiletto heels.

    Kournikova's life is portrayed as one of self loathing that is exacerbated by those around her -- especially her flamboyantly homosexual partner Sergei Fedorov. Anna surrounds herself with the wrong kind of people and, consequently, bathes in a pool of self pity when she cannot find true love.

     The message of "A Beautiful Behind?" Every psycho's life can be made into a movie ... all you need to do is have an ass worth looking at and someone to edit the film.

by Butch Rogaine

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