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Keyshawn Johnson's "Just Give Me The Damn Victory!" Hits Bookshelves


Tues, Nov 20, 2001


Issue #24


 TAMPA BAY, FL Disgruntled wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has lost his patience again.

     "This place is just not doing it for me anymore," said Johnson. "I need to go somewhere where they can get me a damn Super Bowl ring."

     Written two nights ago with his editor and publicist Ira Schoenberg, Johnson's new book, the 230-page "Just Give Me The Damn Victory!" is a bitter manifesto rife with unprovoked jabs at specific teammates, coaches, and friends within the Tampa Bay Bucs' organization. "They are a bunch of underachieving, heartless, sorry-ass primadonnas," Johnson writes in the opening chapter, Life Just Sucks For Me.  "I can't take this no more."

"I expect to score touchdowns," wrote Johnson. "That's what they pay me for. They don't pay me $56 million to stand around and do nothing."

     One person that Johnson rips on considerably is star defensive end Warren Sapp. Claiming to be the much better trash-talker than Sapp, Johnson quipped, "Warren is like a drumstick-- and I'm the whole motherfuckin' bird!"

     "Keyshawn said what?!," Sapp replied to the news. "Shit....I'm gonna fill up his Nike cleats with his momma's Chunky Soup before the game next Sunday. Watch."

     In Chapter 7, Just Get Me the Damn Touchdown Already!, Johnson vents about being the NFC's top yardage receiver, yet not having a single touchdown to show for it. He lashes out at several safeties and cornerbacks in the NFL for not allowing him to get the touchdowns he so rightfully deserves, saying, for one, "That was so not cool of you, (Chicago Bears' safety) Tony Parrish."

     Not all is on the negative side, however. Pittsburgh Steeler safety Lethon "Lee" Flowers, who ripped into the Bucs calling them "nothing but paper champions, and that's all they are ever going to be," gets huge props from Keyshawn. "Now, that guy was really on the money", Johnson writes in Chapter 32, Lee Is So Right.  "Let me buy you a drink, Lee Flowers, the next time you are in Tampa."

     Bucs' owner and president Malcolm Glazer issued a statement Tuesday saying the team is fed up with Johnson's antics and he will be looking to ship him immediately after the 2001 season. Quarterback Brad Johnson perhaps best summed up the feelings of the organization.

     "You know I haven't read the book yet, but I'll tell you this, I have been getting him the damn ball. He should use his damn legs and his damn "extra-special-something" to get the god-damn touchdown after that. But that's just my damn opinion."

Willy P. Ondabich has been distraught ever since Key left the J-E-T-S.

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