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Tues, Aug 14, 2001

Inside the Arizona Cardinals Training Camp: "Those Gentle Birds"

Tonight on the Discovery Channel, take a peek into the patterns of the species of the Arizona Cardinals in an exclusive six-part documentary entitled "Arizona Cardinals: Those Gentle Birds."

by Willy P. Ondabich
Opening credits to the Cardinals' saga

Each summer, Arizona Cardinals flock to this tiny university campus of Northern Arizona University for six weeks where their calm, non-confrontational ways grace the surroundings in a most pleasant fashion.

(Excerpt from show transcript) "For decades-- save for one unexplained brief aberration from natural form in the winter of 1998 --their peers in this rural community and in the NFL (the National Finches League) have come to rely on them as an endless source of tranquil joy-giving. In 2001, the Cardinals are back again. And the Discovery Channel has taken an exclusive, in-depth look at the daily regimens of the Arizona Cardinal; and how it maintains its nucleus of placidity."

A sample diary from the campus grasslands from Friday, August 10th:

4:00am. Breakfast. Worms.

4:30am. Back to sleep.

6:30am. Awake again. Stretching.

8:00am. Dozens of Cardinals gather on campus field for an apparent social ritual.

9:00am. Weight training.

10:30am. Back on the field. Grooming.

10:30am. Football practice. Twenty-man scrimmages.

12:00pm. Lunch. Worms.

1pm. Naptime.

5pm. Film review of earlier scrimmages. Happy chirping and group laughter.

6pm. Dinner. Worms.

8:30pm. Group activities. Bingo in Student Center lounge.

11pm. Movie time. This week, "Hard Knocks" (HBO).

12am. Bedtime in the tree.

Please tune in at 8:00PM (EST) to catch the full story on this peculiar, lovely species. Family viewing, rated "G" for family audiences.

Willy P. Ondabich joined the Cards for 10:30am grooming.
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