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     Our senior correspondent Luscious Rosenbaum put together a think tank of some of the brightest minds in collegiate sports, with the hopes of compiling a comprehensive list of college football’s greatest rivalries. After being bored and disappointed with their picks, he lined the group up with the promise of a free buffet. Rosenbaum then shot them up and proceeded to sum up what he believes to be two of the greatest rivalries in the sport. Here it is:

Rivalry: Apex Technical School Wrenches v. New York Institute of Technology Ladles
Series: Apex Leads 10-8

     In 1983, Jason McMahon, led the wrenches to victory over the Ladles in the grueling 3-0 inaugural game played in the torrential winds at Washington Square Park’s oversized fountain.

     “It was crazy man,” says McMahon, now a senator from Oregon. “I had to avoid linebackers, pot dealers, and junkies just to make the [game winning] pass.”

Rivalry: Barbazon Beauty School Cutters v. Devry Institute Transistors
Series: Barbazon leads 12-11

     Rivalry was defined in 1978, when star wide receiver Chris Chirac ran across the entire field at Central Park’s Strawberry Fields to catch what was estimated by a nearby derelict as a 5 yard touch down pass. It was unlike anything ever seen in a game between the two teams, which had played to scoreless ties in their previous 10 match ups. Chirac, now a dog groomer, recalls the day fondly. “I remember, my fingers were blistered from a week’s worth of practicing hair cutting techniques on a mop with a pair of metal scissors. The ball hit me with such force, that I didn’t know if I could catch it. Somehow, I did, and I consider it one of my proudest moments.”

Luscious Rosenbaum is a special correspondent to TwistedFans.com
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