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Sports Parody
February 13, 2003

Topic of the Day: Why NJ Sucks ass!
1) The Nets -- You gotta root for 'em cause they've got an exciting team, and they've been down for so long. But..they are the cockiest S.O.B.'s I've encountered in quite some time in the sports world and I will bet you dollars to doughnuts they aren't making it to the finals this year. If you read their quotes daily in various metro area newspapers, you'll note that you can "...because we are so awesome." at the end of nearly every quote and the quote will make perfect sense. Example: Byron Scott before last nite's loss to the Grizzlies: "We should win the game, no doubt about it.. ...because we are so awesome."

R.J.: "I definitely don't think there were too many guys betting against us. There's no doubt we should have beaten Orlando, there's no doubt we should beat 95 percent of the teams we play. ...because we are so awesome."

There were some real gems in yesterday's N.Y.Times; I wish I had saved them. I'm getting pretty sick of their attitude and they're making far too many enemies far too fast for their own good.

2) The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. -- NJSEA has approved a plan that will turn the Meadowlands into family entertainment complex while displacing the Nets, Devils, Giants and Jets into lovely downtown Newark. And all without a little something called "public opinion"! Gee, I already feel like going to a Devils game, how 'bout you? The Nets get 6,000 fans a ought to TRIPLE now!!

The 49ers hiring dinosaur Dennis Erickson was the worst hiring decision I've seen since Ray Handley of the NY gints or maybe Rich Kotite.

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