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Sports Parody
January 11, 2003

Venus Wants a Place in the Universe
It's not easy being displaced as No.1, especially when it's by your little sister. No wonder Venus Williams is thinking about a new line of work. Article

January 10, 2003

What to Read
I can't wait for this game. Knicks looking good...looking real good. Have I mentioned how much I hate all-star voting? I know I have. Vince, Jordan, and Dikembe should stay home. Vince hasn't been playing this season! Why don't you just vote for Dr.J you fools!

WSJ: ~Ads During Playoff Games Won't Showcase Much NFL because the NFL isn't offering up any game footage ~Two Great Quarterbacks To Face Off This Weekend: Pennington v. Gannon ~NJ man sues for lost income and pain and suffering over Giants loss

January 7, 2003

Gints Coulda Woulda Shoulda Had One More Play
N.F.L. Admits Error, Too Late for Giants: The Giants should have had one more play to save themselves from the second-worst collapse in league playoff history.
Holder Could Have Called a Timeout: Giants Coach Jim Fassel believes his holder should have called a timeout after New York's field-goal attempt was botched at the end of Sunday's playoff game with the 49ers.

Statement on last play of Giants-49ers game:
*Tam Hopkins, No. 65, of the Giants lined up as the left guard and was illegally downfield on the pass attempt. The three flags thrown on this play were for this penalty.
*Guard Rich Seubert, No. 69, was an eligible receiver on Giants field-goal attempts. This was reported to the officiating crew prior to the game as is routinely done before every game.
*49ers defensive end Chike Okeafor interfered with Seubert downfield when he was attempting to catch Giants holder Matt Allen's pass. This defensive pass-interference penalty against the 49ers was not called. If defensive pass interference had been called, there would have been offsetting penalties (ineligible receiver against the Giants and pass interference against the 49ers) with the down replayed at the original line of scrimmage, the San Francisco 23-yard line. Although time had expired, a game cannot end with offsetting penalties. Thus, the game would have been extended by one untimed down.
*One additional note on the play: Allen did not have the option of spiking the ball to stop the clock, which only can be done by taking a hand-to-hand snap directly from the center. If Allen had spiked the ball, it would have been a penalty for intentionally grounding the ball and the game would have ended due to a 10-second runoff of the clock. (note: but he could've thrown it out of bounds or called a time-out)

January 6, 2003

Crazy Wild Card Weekend Climaxes With Spectacular 49er Comeback
You could see it coming with each 49er drive in the 2nd half. It was like the boulder rollling through the cave after Indy in Raiders except this time Indy gets crushed. The Giants were completely helpless against the no huddle offense. I hear Sehorn is in the hospital getting treated for 3rd degree burns. T.O. laughed in the face of the Giants secondary until they completely lost their minds. Hey Fassel, you have three minutes left in the game, your offense has some momentum, you know your field goal kicker sucks, and its 4th and 1. Whatcha gonna do? Did you not see how the 49ers beat Dallas? The 49ers were salivating over the opportunity to do it again. The 49ers would still have been able to tie the game with a TD even if you made the FG. Are you playing to win or to not lose? Its the playoffs. Show some gumption. I won't even start talking about the absurdity of the last play of the game.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh. The Rust Belt Super Bowl. Another insane game. I'm picturing Don Cheadle doing a commerical for that one already. Cheadle going "One second. All the Browns needed was one second for a FG try." as Andre King stumbles desperately reaching to get out of bounds to kill the clock. The Cardiac Kids had finshed their season like only they could. Well, it is really a moot point who won this game because...

The Jets are going to the Super Bowl. The lesson they tought the Colts on Saturday was a thing of beauty (unless you're a Colts fan). Their offense is running with the precision, efficiency and power of a fine german automobile. Their defense is attacking like a starving pitbull. Look for Pennington to make mince meat out of a depleted Raiders secondary.

Oh wait a second. There was a undefeated playoff streak at Lambeau? Packers never ever ever lost there in the playoffs? They were playing a dome team? The dome team's young QB would feel privleged just to be playing there against one of the best QBs of all-time right? Hmmmmmm....think there might be a slight chance the Pack believed their own hype? You think these young bucks from the ATL might have had something to prove to a world full of doubters? I give the Falcons props. Nothing like making everyone shut the Fuck up.

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