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Sports Parody
November 15, 2002

OK, I'll admit that my draft was only 9 teams compared to SG's 11, but no way he comes close to drafting this team. He'll have to try again next year when we're calling him California Guy. He closed it out on a good note though, by doing one of my favorites... his running draft commentary... doesn't matter that it was only a fantasy draft... his dad fucken kills me. Bill Simmons offers one more NBA fantasy draft.

November 13, 2002

Rowdy fan gets beat up after jumping on CFL player
Via OTHERFB > 22-year-old construction worker Jody Remple (might being named Jody have something to do with his rage?) admitted he had too much to drink and yielded to peer pressure when he left the stands during a CFL West semifinal. Remple ran on the field and jumped on Lions cornerback Eric Carter. He was promptly kicked and beaten by players.

ESPN also provides a video of the fan's attack. Standard | Cable Modem

Bobby Knight sues Indiana.

November 10, 2002

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City It's cool.

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