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Sports Parody
August 30, 2002

Baseball's Team Mascots Summer of Discontent: Mascots say that exhausting schedules, menacing fans, the heat, growing restrictions on their routines, the teams failure to share revenue, and general lack of respect have them talking strike. No. Seriously.

August 29, 2002

Both Sides Aware of Economic Abyss: Looks at the economic losses players and owners face if the walkout cancelled the World Series. (NYT - subscription required)

Ball Strike Could Repel Advertisers: TwistedFans writer K-Cebo Satashi recommended this solution in his July 16, 2002 article concerning the MLB Boycott Debate; if the advertising dollars that pay the owners to pay the players is going to be lost, then the two sides will come together and the strike will be averted. Otherwise, noone gets paid.

August 28, 2002

Fan sues after team tells him to shut up: Anthony Ercolano, who enjoys loudly heckling the opposition with baby cries if a player argues with the umpire, has been told to pipe down or give up his $32,000 seats by the Seattle Mariners, who also tried to keep fans from wearing T-shirts stating "Yankees suck" earlier this year.

Blame The Media For American Fan Ignorance: MLS player writes column slamming American sports press for its coverage of soccer, and claims that one day his sport will be bigger than baseball.

August 27, 2002

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