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Sports Parody
August 22, 2002

As September 11 Approaches, Does Baseball Really Matter? Christine Brennan of USA Today asks "What does the game of baseball have to do with a day of such national and international importance?".

August 21, 2002

It's about time. Sports Guy jumps on Boycott Baseball Bandwagon.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The idea that (celebrating after a home run during the Little League World Series) is some self-destructive thing that ruins sportsmanship is absolutely ridiculous, as if a little dance while running the basepaths will lead to young kids' becoming Enron executives." Read Mike Freeman's Hotdogging Just Part of the Game in the NYT.

August 19, 2002

New/old info about the Knicks-Mutombu fiasco: Apparently Jim Dolan of Cablevision vetoed the Mutombo deal because he did not want to pay Mutombo's salary for the next 4-5 years (53 mill still owed). SO instead the Knicks get Michael (backup) Doleac. Where is Travis Knight when u need him? -- thanks Mr. B.

Feeling X-ploited: Pierre-Luc Gagnon says x-gamers are getting ripped off by ESPN. Read about it in Skateboarders Landing in the Real World in the NYT (login req'd).

Fan wins right to jeer: Jeffrey Swiecicki won the right to heckle ex-Cleveland Indians outfielder Russell Branyan. Swiecicki was arrested and convicted after hurling a barrage of negative comments in the direction of Branyan including "You suck," and "You have a big ass." However, the Ohio Court of Appeals overturned Swiecicki's conviction and ruled: "Passionate baseball fans are emotionally involved in every play and customarily manifest their approval or disappointment with words or gestures. Appropriate conduct in this type of setting differs from what may be appropriate in a church, library, or orchestra hall."

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