May 27, 2004

More Pus-Drinking Nuns

Searching for Pus-drinking nuns? You've come to the right place! Actually, there's no pus-drinking nuns here (you just missed 'em). Ok, before you start thinking I'm crazy, here's my explanation:

First off, Mimi Smartypants has way more readers than us (hard to believe, I know). As if that's still not enough, she's now trying to corner the market on google searches for "pus-drinking nuns". So I figure many of her readers will google the phrase, just to see what turns up. In case you're wondering, as of today, there's zero search results for this phrase (with or without the quotes). So, to try and enrich my site's hit count, I'm getting in on the pus-drinking nuns craze while the getting's good.

If you happen to manage a site indexed by google, I'd appreciate a link titled "pus-drinking nuns". In return, I promise to post a follow-up on the number of google hits this generates.

Update: is the #1 search result for pus-drinking nuns on google (Mimi Smartypants is #2)! [12:58]  [ ]


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