February 27, 2004

The Sanctity of Holy Matrimony

How important is marriage to America? Let's check Craig's List to find out!

Truly, there is no more sacred institution in American life than marriage. It is about two people who love and cherish each other something those homos will never understand.
Sadly, I don't think Bush is smart enough to get the joke.

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[On a side note, is there a more consistent source for funny blog ideas than craig's list?]

KJ says check this out: If Linda Gail Carter is a man, then she is married to Constance Gonzales, who would like a divorce -- and a suitable division of proceeds. But if Carter is a woman, the couple's same-sex Texas union is void. Family Court Judge Lisa Ann Millard ordered genetic testing to determine Carter's gender. The judge admitted confusion because Carter, born James Howard Murphy, "is 6-foot-4, weighs 275 pounds and purportedly has male genitals." [08:21] [ ]