January 28, 2004

Willie Williams Notre Dame Visit a hoax

The Miami Herald is following Willie Williams (#6 High School football player in the nation) as he makes his official college visits.

Part 1: Florida State

Part 2: Auburn

Part 3: Miami

Part 4: Florida

However, the email we received has him visting Notre Dame after parts 1 and 2, but there is no Notre Dame visit or mention of a Ohio State on the Miami Herald site. Take a look:

Notre Dame: (sorry, can't find the link, but here's the story)
Notre Dame's gone down in flames.


After his trips to Florida State and Auburn, Willie Williams Notre Dame experience was most dissapointing. His travel arrangements went from a personal jet, to sharing a jet with other recruits and the new low, Notre Dame sent him a plane ticket on Vanguard Airlines.

Upon arriving at Chicago's Midway airport Willie noticed something, "I told them hey, this is Chicago" said Williams. "They said I had to get off the plane anyhow, and I thought that was real bug." Once Williams disembarked he was greeted by a representative from the United Limo company, who led him to a limo, and brought him the rest of the way to South Bend.

"I couldn't beleive how hungry I was, but the driver was real cool on a smooth tip and let me hold some potato chips."

When he finally arrived on campus, Williams had one thing on his mind.

"Coach Willingham came to see me when I got there, and said he was really glad I came to visit. I said yo, coach where you hiding all the eats? Then Coach drove me to King Gyros and it was great! I didn't have to wait but two minutes for my Gyros Platter, it was so good I ate two of them. But I didn't eat no goat cheese, cause Coach said it's made from goats milk and I ain't no baby goat!"

As excited as Williams was about not having to wait for his food, Notre Dame still had a long way to go to catch Florida State in his mind.

"Coach Willingham told me I could play right away, that I could play any position I wanted and sometimes call plays for the offense, but I told him I want to go somewhere that I can drive an Escalade."


Williams being the proverbial hitchikers guide to the galaxy gives his rating of The Morris Inn next.

"The hotel they had me stayin at looked like a library, it had gift shop in it, I'm not sure what's up with that.There was a restraunt there but no room service. It was called the Morris Inn but no matter how hard I looked, I didn't see no dang cat anywhere around there."


On Saturday Willie Williams was introduced to his guide for the day, Carlyle Holiday.

"Carlyle was real cool, but I didn't wanna hang around no position changer so I asked for a different guide. I asked if my guide could be Victor Abiamiri, cause I been wantin a playstation deuce, and I figured he could hook me up. He showed me the locker room, the stadium and then was walked a long way, I was like what are you some kind of Jonny Appleseed or somethin? We saw this place with lots of candles, it was called the gratto. I got real close to the candles cause I was ice cold, and my coat caught fire and Victor pushed me down in the snow to put it out. When I first got to South Bend I thought snow was the most dumbest thing ever but now I know it's more gooder than I thought."


Williams was most dissapointed that there were no parties to go to, and though the players did take him to "Heartland" a local club, Willie said "I can't two step no how."


On Sunday Willie left to make his way home.

"All weekend long and Notre Dame never sent one of those girls to my hotel room to cheer me up like FSU and Auburn did. I was all alone in my room, so after awhile, I just cheered myself up. I can do that at home, forget the Irish."

Next week: Ohio State tries to lure Willie.