January 21, 2004

Hatin' Ratner

NETS FACE A COURT SCRAPESteve Cuozzo: In other words, the Times is in the real-estate business with Ratner. And it's in this context that the paper is cheerleading for Ratner's projects and agendas around town.

Josh Goldfein: In the future shadow of the Nets, a Brooklyn nabe remembers what's at stake

On Dean St., Ratner a rat: Sal Perry, who stands up to Bruce Ratner and the Nets and anybody else who tries to take his home, says that when he stands in front of that home, 475 Dean St. in Brooklyn, he sees so much more than concrete and reinforced steel and enormous windows, the windows designed this way to make the light of the day last as long as it possibly can.

Just received an email from the Prospect Heights Action Coalition providing us with some people you can contact to keep the Nets out of Brooklyn:

1. Marty Markowitz's office phone 718-802-3700; let Marty know that you're holding to him to his statements about protecting the community!!

2. David Stern's office phone 212-407-8000 ask for the commissioner's office

3. Michael Bloomberg's office 212-788-3000

4. Charles Schumer's office 212-486-4430