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May 29, 2003

Idiot Sports Writers
Why Kidd Should be MVP: K-Cebo Satashi lashes out at those that would select Tim Duncan over Jason Kidd for league MVP and explains why Kidd is more deserving.

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Tyson: 'I Really Do Want to Rape Her'
Mike Tyson hasn't lost his penchant for saying the outrageous. In a television interview scheduled for broadcast Thursday, Tyson again denied he raped Washington in 1991. But he said the burden of being labeled a convicted rapist makes him want to do it now. "I just hate her guts. She put me in that state, where I don't know," Tyson said. "I really wish I did now. But now I really do want to rape her."

See also In Defense of Iron Mike: What is it that fascinates us about Mike Tyson? The man is obviously in need of psychological help of some kind. Most people needing that kind of help arouse our pity, or, if they’re prone to violence, our contempt. So then what is it that keeps some of us rooting for Mike Tyson?

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Photobloggers vs. Camgirls
via the Gothamist

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A Couple Makeovers
50 Bent - In Da Tub

Jewel as Kylie

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May 28, 2003

Press Clippings
I guess since I haven't checked the referrer logs since August 2002, I never noticed this article by Tom Hoffarth in the L.A. Daily News, published January 26, 2003 Who's in your Internet rolodex?.

Twisted Fans: Lots of stuff that could be funny but sometimes misses the mark. Includes the opportunity to purchase a thong with the phrase "The World's Funniest Athletic Supporters" for $9.99.

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No way these pics haven't been computer manipulated

Just look at the position of her arm and her breast.

Pamela Anderson in Stuff.

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May 27, 2003

Is the NBA in favor of whiteys from overseas?
Dan McGraw analyzes the league's international and corporate comfort levels: Euro: New Currency of the NBA.

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May 22, 2003

Inside the Lair: pornano-publishing
Inside The Lair has been dedicated to providing the adult community, as well as the fans of adult film stars and directors, a new look at the adult industry. We do this by letting our readers have a firm understanding of the adult world through monthly opinion columns by experts in the field of adult entertainment. Through these columns, the reader can get an insight of not only the adult industry, but also an in-depth look at the columnists themselves. In the future, we look forward to continue to provide quality material to the adult community, as well as for the fans of adult entertainment.

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May 20, 2003

Meadowlands Could Make History
No, they haven't unearthed Hoffa's body yet. Rarely in the history of sports has an arena hosted both the NBA finals and Stanley Cup in the same year. The last time it happened was in 1994 when MSG hosted the Rangers (winners) and the Knicks (lost to Houston Rockets in 7) and again in 1980 Philly had both losers. Now guess when an arena had teams that won both championships in the same year? Never. Could the Meadowlands Arena be the new sports mecca?

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JVG on the Spurs Championship Banner
"Every time I come in this arena I want to climb up the rafters and tear that thing down."

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I'M no prude, but the bikini-waxing scene in "America's Next Top Model" had me wondering if the people who run UPN have lost their minds. It's an entire sequence in which 10 young women - all finalists in a competition to win a professional modeling contract - are each seen lying on their backs with legs spread and wearing the smallest possible undergarment. Then each of them either giggles, screams or moans while a white-coated attendant administers to her most private part. ("America's Next Top Model" Tonight at 9 on UPN/Ch. 9) [NYPOST.COM]

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May 14, 2003

You're A Bad Man, Aren't You?
Help the reverse cowgirl publish her collection of tawdry tales and you may just get your name in print.

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May 13, 2003

You can't fcuk with Phil Jackson
The effects of moving Shaq into the high post in the triangle offense have been obvious. Return of the living dead in L.A. Hold on, there's more: "Why were there so many offensive fouls called on Shaq down in San Antonio?" the coach asks. "Because the NBA is not going to let Shaq kick Tim Duncan's butt. No sir, the NBA absolutely has a stake in their double-MVP outplaying Shaq. If Shaq destroys Duncan, then the MVP award doesn't count for diddly." And it still doesn't. Kidd deserved it last year (I don't remember Timmy in the finals) and KG deserved it this year (Timmy ain't making it past Shaqfu either).

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The Voice's Jessica Winter talks to Reefer Madness Author Eric Schlosser about the nation’s shadow economies. In his new book, Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market, Schlosser examines three disparate commodities—marijuana, strawberries, and pornography—to burrow deep into the nation’s subterranean economy, which racks up as much as $1 trillion in off-the-books transactions each year. Schlosser maps out the blurred boundaries and arbitrary distinctions between the black market and the free market, the underground and the mainstream.

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Manhattan private school girls tell all
Amy Sohn interviews two 14 year old Manhattan private school girls about parentally-administered sex ed: "Of course, there's an upside to all the parent-child communication. Two years ago, Cara's mom bought her Deal With It,'s growing-up guide for teen girls, and Nell and Cara learned how to masturbate. 'We did our research,' says Nell. But as for translating their self-knowledge into hookups with boys, they're not in any rush. 'I don't feel a guy would do a very good job on me,' says Nell. 'I'm much better off doing it myself. Besides, guys underestimate how horny girls are. They don't think a girl would ever want that.'"
Covering the bases [NY Mag] [via Gawker]

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May 9, 2003

Flavors of the Week: Reader Submissions
  • I understand the Hillary Duff thing. I've seen her music video and there was a big article on her in the WSJ. She's a very cute girl.

  • Have you seen the new J.Lo video? Its her homage to Flashdance. Mmmmmm....mmmmmm....

  • I want Jennifer Garner to tie me up and interrogate me.

  • She might be a complete _u_t but damn do I want to fcuk Paris Hilton.

  • I've read a couple of interviews recently with Monica Bellucci. She actually comes across as an intelligent and interesting person, honest, and she's that much sexier (if she could even be sexier) because of it.

  • Marisa Miller. Victoria's Secret Model. The Perfect California Blonde.

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    May 7, 2003

    Ashton & the Bush Twins Party On!
    Ashton KUTCHER gets higjh with JENNA and BARBARA.

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    Party Like A Porn Star...
    If You Win Game Link's AVN Awards Contest

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    Please Help Him

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    Playboy announces its "lad mag" makeover:
    Playboy's new editor James Kaminsky says he's got a magazine for you. After months of nips and tucks to stop the signs of aging at the 50-year-old publication, founded by sexual revolution icon Hugh Hefner, Playboy is fresh from its makeover. Kaminsky, 42, told Reuters he is ready to showcase a magazine that is similar in substance but different in style -- and put some of the clothes back on. With a new editorial staff, Kaminsky and Playboy magazine, owned by Playboy Enterprises Inc., are set to recapture the throne that Hefner, now 77, refuses to abdicate. The magazine lost ground on newsstands with the arrival in the late 90s of so-called "lad mags" like Maxim, Stuff and FHM. The new formula? More photos teamed with still strong journalism, more lifestyle, leisure and fashion and more pictorials of celebrities with perhaps a bit more clothes. "My goal is to take this great editorial package that has worked for 50 years and move it forward for a new generation, without losing the things that have worked so well to date," Kaminsky said in an interview. There is "a lot more color. It hits you, it's not subtle," McAlpine said about the revamped magazine. "The editorial content is still there. It may actually make the older reader feel younger. And that's a positive." ....Kaminsky was lured from Maxim in September to replace Arthur Kretchmer, Playboy's editorial boss for nearly four decades. But how do you resculpt the magazine without it appearing like it's in mid-life crisis? [Reuters]

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    May 6, 2003

    Bob Ryan Suspended One Month for Smack Talk
    Sports columnist Bob Ryan was suspended by The Boston Globe for one month without pay after saying on television that the wife of New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd, who was allegedly the victim of domestic abuse, needed someone to "smack her." "Bob Ryan's comments were a clear and egregious violation of the standards of The Boston Globe," Globe editor Martin Baron said in a statement. "Bob has been told in no uncertain terms that his remarks were offensive and unacceptable." The columnist was also barred from appearing on radio or television for one month. Ryan also works for ESPN as a regular panelist on "Around the Horn" and "The Sports Reporters" and is a regular guest on ESPN Radio. Ryan, who has since expressed regret, made the comments Sunday night during a segment on WBZ-TV's Sports Final show. Kidd said Boston fans insulted his wife and 3-year-old son during Game 4 of the 2002 Eastern Conference finals at the FleetCenter. Fans taunted Kidd with chants of "wife beater," referring to 2001 charges that he had struck his wife, Joumana. Kidd eventually agreed to a plea and received six months of court-ordered counseling. The Celtics and Nets began another playoff series on Monday, prompting Ryan and host Bob Lobel to discuss whether Kidd and his family will receive similar treatment when the teams come to Boston for Game 3 on Friday. During the show, Ryan said Kidd should expect taunts from the crowd, then criticized the Kidds for using their son "as a prop" and called Joumana Kidd an "exhibitionist" Then, in a comment that was not picked up clearly on tape, he said: "Oh great. I mean she needs (inaudible) to smack her." At that point, Lobel interrupted, saying, "You can't say that. What's happening here? You know what, I will give you a mulligan on that." Ryan retorted: "I'm not looking for that." Lobel persisted, saying, "You just don't want to smack her. You just don't mean to say that. Really, tell me you don't?" "Why should I say anything different than I said all playoffs last year?" Ryan said. In a statement Tuesday, Ryan apologized to Joumana Kidd for the "inappropriate and offensive remark." "It was, of course, atrocious judgment on my part," he said. "I wish to state clearly that I am aware of the very real problem of violence against women in our society, and that in no way is it a joking matter." Nets players and coaches called for Ryan's dismissal. Speaking during practice Tuesday, New Jersey coach Byron Scott said Ryan "should be out of a job." "Just tell him to come right in here and he can say that in front of me and Jason and some of our players," he told reporters. "He'll see how well he'll be received." Kidd called the comments "unfortunate" and said his wife "felt sorry if she offended (Ryan) in any way." [ news services]
    Hey Bob, guess what -- BOSTON SUCKS!

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    Wal-Mart Goes Conservative on Lad Magazines
    Walmart has banned Maxin, Stuff, and FHM from it's stores after "listening to our customers and associates," said Melissa Berryhill, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart. "I know we've heard on at least one of those magazines, they weren't pleased with the offering." [via Adrants]

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    May 4, 2003

    The Bet
    between K-Cebo and C. Maroussi for $96 is to determine who the better player is, Carmelo Anthony or Lebron James, as of May 4, 2008. An independent arbitrator has been assigned to make the determination.

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    May 3, 2003

    Moment in time that shook the tennis world
    Before I begin my testimony, I want to say that I am a great fan of Steffi Graf. I follow her entire career with great interest. I have, for example, been sending her money every birthday since the borders were opened... Then, in 1990, Steffi Graf lost to Monica Seles in the German Open. My world collapsed around me. I could not bear the thought of someone beating Steffi Graf. Although she had not lost her No 1 seeding at that time, it affected me so much that I even considered suicide.

    In 1991, or 1992 at the latest, it was old news. I had then definitely decided to injure Monica Seles in such a way that she would no longer be able to play tennis, or at least for a while. At no time did I intend to kill her. I did not even want to cause her a serious injury... For me, Steffi is the top woman. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds. She is an absolute dream woman. I really want to emphasise that; it comes straight from the heart.
    “Moment in time that shook the tennis world” by Owen Slot from the London Times.

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    May 1, 2003

    Eyeglasses photo not very funny to fiancée... at first
    Later that week, the photo was passed around among a few Leader-Telegram staffers. We tried to determine whether it was a joke photo, or if this couple had a mutual attraction based on poor eyesight. Leader-Telegram

    I've been chuckling ever since reading this story about a guy who substituted a gag picture for his engagement photo. But like some goofy New Yorker cartoon, the photo suggests something unparsably poetic (I'm not sure what exactly) about courtship and marriage and shared visions. [via blogads]

    Not that we should get any ideas from this, but it will probably have your fiancee think twice before letting you drop off the engagement photo. Thanks Nate.

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