March 31, 2003

This Blog Begins on Opening Day by Ken Goldstein

  • I agree with the Red Sox’s philosophy that it makes more sense to try to create an overall solid bullpen rather than just giving one guy like Heathcliff Slocumb the magic title “Closer” and then only using him in extremely specific situations. Seriously, how many times have you seen a team bring in their 9th best pitcher to get out of a 7th-inning bases-loaded jam then use their supposed fireman to get the bottom of the order out in the ninth with a three-run lead? That being said, however, it probably doesn’t help silence any of the Conventional Wisdom nay-sayers when that bullpen gives up five runs in the bottom of the ninth to lose to the Devil Rays.
  • Boy, it's a good thing that Cablevision and YES made that last-minute deal so that my Yankees-loving dad was able to see Derek Jeter dislocate his left shoulder in a collision at third base. Don't worry, though, Jeter fans — Derek uses his right hand to grab supermodels' asses at Nobu, so this won't affect him too much.
  • Great debuts today: Jim Thome gettinng an RBI double on the first pitch he saw as a Phillie; Ray Durham homering in his first Giant AB; Hideki Matsui getting an RBI in his first American AB. Not-so-great debut: Tom Glavine getting torched by the Cubs in his first Mets start (though this was all but certain once I paid $22 for him in my fantasy auction yesterday).
  • Home teams were a depressing 4-8 today (added to the Angels' loss yesterday), a pretty sad Opening Day. Including home blowouts against the Reds (10-1 in their brand-new ballpark), Diamondbacks (8-0), Blue Jays (8-4 after 4 late runs), and especially the Mets (15-2).

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March 27, 2003


I think protesters are really just into bondage and exhibitionism. They dress up in crazy outfits, parade around in public, and wait for the inevitable time when the police come and put them in plastic handcuffs.

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March 26, 2003

Play Video Games, Win Money

That's the slogan of YouPlayGameswhere players 18 years and older can win cash or prizes while playing against each other in the online World War II action game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. "If two players want to play a game for $100 a life, then we'll open up a server for that," he said. Grove said prizes eventually will include games, vacations and money. YouPlayGames' system remains in beta-testing but should be released later this month. [source]

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50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers

Gawker says the NY Press's "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers" should be called "50 People NY Press Editor Jeff Koyen Hates."

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I know we've seen all the analysis before regarding who the best player in the NBA is, but Steve Hirdt is onto something -- "percentage of team total"

Basically, he shows that there are only a handful of players that have ever compromised 25% of their teams total points and boards in a given season and of those that did -only a few did it several times... the importance of this is that in recent years both total scoring and total rebounding is down drastically -- so for someone to still put up big numbers like Shaq and to also comprise 25% of each category is astounding. In fact Shaq has done it 10 times. However, if KG can up his point production by .5 ppg he can be the first player ever to comprise 25% in the big three: pts, rebs and assists.

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March 25, 2003

Trade of the Week: Contract on Saddam

I recently wrote about why is one of the coolest sites I've seen; you can now access my review here. One of the coolest things they have are the Saddam Futures. They have both March and June contracts. You bet for or against the likelihood of Saddam being ruler of Iraq at the end of those respective months. Read the description and then go through the trading demo.

Update: A sudden price drop seen in the market for predictions on Saddam's date of demise - might indicate gamblers suddenly think he may make it past March 31st. If you click on IRAQ.SADDAM.MAR03 you can see a chart on the history of how money has been invested on whether "Saddam Hussein is not President/Leader of Iraq by 31st March 2003". In the last few days the graph there shows a sharp decline in the percentage chance that he will be gone soon - from up in the 70's to around the teens now.

Another article.

You can also trade on the "Security Alert Level March 2003".

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March 21, 2003

off topic but entertainment related nonethteless

Evidence that shows Michael Moore is a liar and Bowling For Columbine is a deceitful propaganda piece not a documentary. To think that it will probably win the oscar for best documentary is sad.

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March 14, 2003

Great Fake Puma Ads

Gawker has just declared its intention to leave the images up. In an email to The Men's Room, Nick Denton from Gawker explained the Puma threat is ridiculous, not only because of the First Amendment protection, but also because's going to draw even more attention to the blow-job ads:
First, because it's going to draw even more attention to the blow-job ads. (Maybe Puma's being ironic and *really* clever, but I don't think so.)

Second, because the letter says the ads are "sexually suggestive" -- which I thought was the whole point of fashion advertising.

And, third, most relevant for weblogs: Puma says that a blog is "not a media outlet", and therefore not protected on First Amendment grounds.

We're leaving the pictures up.

Open letter to Puma

Puma cease-and-desist letter
Red/Blue: See also SALTYT, RCB, Daze Reader and some legal bloggers for additional Puma coverage.

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March 4, 2003

The Biggest Non-Story of the Spring by Ken

Cashman: Book 'tarnishes the Yankees' image'
David Wells could be punished by the New York Yankees for writing an autobiography that general manager Brian Cashman said "tarnishes the Yankees' image." [...] "I can't rule out the possibility that we will pursue some sort of disciplinary action," Cashman said. "I'm going to get a copy of the book, read it myself and then determine what course of action, if any, to take."
Look, am I the only one who thinks that punishing or even reprimanding David Wells for being drunk and telling a lot of BS stories is like arresting Keith Richards after finding half a joint in his car? Although I do have to admit that there might need to be some disciplinary action taken against somebody who's now claiming to have been misquoted in his own autobiography.

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